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Cisco Meraki event in Casablanca with Casanet

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 16-Oct-2019 10:40:56

Hiperdist Alliances and Casanet have recently hosted a successful two day event in Casablanca, focused on Cisco Meraki technology and how it can support customers with industry-leading IT infrastructure in a new era of increasing digital consumption. 

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all the attendees, we hope you have found this event insightful and that you taken a step closer to incorporating Cisco Meraki into your IT strategy.

We are very pleased to have received such positive feedback and we look forward to continue building solid relationships and speeding up your journey to success. 

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Interdist Alliances, Ostec and IBM

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 10-Oct-2019 15:56:24
Hiperdist Ghana, Ostec and IBM hosted an event on Security Intelligence and Digital Trust. The event was held at the Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Alisa in Accra, Ghana on the  09th October 2019.
Security Intelligence and Digital trust are at the heart of the digital evolution. The discussion addressed emerging challenges in business, compliance and risk management.The evolving cyberthreat landscape is a driving force behind these conversations in Ghana.
The Speakers were Viren Mathur, Director of Value from Interdist Alliances, Pelin Konakci and Olumuyiwa Arowosegbe.
We at Interdist Alliances pride ourselves in building solid relationships for lasting success! Contact us to continue the conversation.
Thank you again and we look forward to meeting you next time

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Commvault Ranked Leader in Forrest Wave

Posted by Sara Jones on 08-Oct-2019 16:30:52


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Alibaba Cloud- 2019 Apsara Conference

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 01-Oct-2019 12:32:28

The impact of cloud services on businesses is revolutionary and immeasurable. Come join us in Hangzhou China as we explore the 2019 APSARA Conference.

The conference was from the 25th to the 27th September 2019. With three main halls and two main forums, more than 110 summits covering a range of topics from machine intelligence, Blockchain, 5G, cloud native database to biometrics, chip, self-driving, and heterogeneous computing.

Alibaba Group introduced its first AI inference chip during the Apsara Conference. The Hanguang 800's peak performance is 78,563 images per second in an inference image classification benchmark test on ResNet-50, four times higher than the current best AI microprocessors in the industry. The chip's peak efficiency is 500 IPS/W, 3.3 times better than the second-ranked one.

Don Omondi, NeXtGeN Solution Architect, Africa and Levant and Jessica Alabi Abimbola,NeXtGeN Platform Account Manager, West Africa had LIVE interviews during the conference. To get their view on the biggest Cloud Computing & AI conference, follow our YouTube Channel to watch the interviews.



We are committed to, and fully invested in driving change through the adoption of technology in Africa across all market segments. Our customer network is both broad and deep and something that we continuously seek to enhance.

Interdist Alliances is ‘Your Gateway into Africa’.

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Border Control and CyberSecurity in Malawi

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 30-Sep-2019 23:01:21
Sparc Systems Limited together with IBM and Interdist Alliances held an event in Lilongwe, Malawi on the 25th September 2019 for a discussion on Border Control and Cybersecurity.

The event, held at the Sunbird Hotel was hosting the Malawian Police to reinforce the importance of CyberSecurity in todays business landscape and to drive the message forward of how IBM Security Systems can further support this very critical business need. These solutions can secure customers data infrastructure and Borderline, Immigration and fraud using i2 and Qradar plus so many more.

Speakers included

*Harry Kasandala, Technical Sales Manager from Sparc Systems,

*Andrew Muwanga, Software and Cloud Business Development Manager and

*Terence Tuwe from IBM 

Thank you IBM and Sparc Systems Malawi for the support.

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Speed up your sales with Cisco Rocktober Promotions

Posted by Iulia Cozma on 26-Sep-2019 11:20:00

With small businesses expanding into the cloud, making an investment in networking is more critical today than ever before. This expansion is driving fundamental change across every IT infrastructure domain. Small Businesses need a network that’s always available, adaptable, fast, reliable and secure.

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Data-Driven Digital Transformations

Posted by Sara Jones on 18-Sep-2019 16:40:21

​In a world where technology is changing our everyday lives, digital transformation tops the strategic agenda in most organizations. Leaders are under tremendous pressure to harness today’s wealth of data and apply it to create new value across the entire organization—all with limited time, skills, and budget. However, building a data-centric organization is no small undertaking.

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Interdist Alliances and NetApp

Posted by Sara Jones on 06-Sep-2019 14:34:25

Interdist Alliances, in partnership with NetApp, hosted our Data Is The New Oil event at the Victoria Crown Plaza on Thursday, 29th August 2019.

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Commvault unveils simplest, most profitable partner program in company history!

Posted by Sara Jones on 08-Aug-2019 11:38:19

Commvault has announced a bold and innovative step forward in its partner-first strategy with a new, global partner program that makes it easier and more profitable to do business with Commvault. 

The company continues to enable its partners to take a long term and financially beneficial journey together while delivering the industry’s leading data software solutions to customers. The new tools and capabilities available through the Partner Advantage program are designed to help partners accelerate business, expand the path to multiple revenue streams and consistently win more business.  

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MicroFocus Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Posted by Nicole Moletsane on 25-Jul-2019 15:40:28
Identity and Access Management (IAM)

With the annual costs of damage associated with cybercrime expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021, businesses need to focus on improving security measures and controlling user access to information. Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution by Micro Focus is a critical component of a successful protocol that helps organizations consistently enforce access rights across protected information and help businesses meet regulatory mandates with its integrated policies across local, mobile, and cloud environments by solving the following needs for our customers.

  • Visibility - This is a big challenge for growing businesses. As more users join a network, more devices become active and new tools are added to support diverse workflows, it becomes difficult to get a handle on who has access to what resources and at what privilege levels throughout the user’s lifecycle. Our identity and access powered security management and sign-on procedures helps businesses achieve the dual goals of greater visibility and smoother user experiences.
  • Pinpoint and Eliminate High-Risk Systems - Many businesses are still clinging to legacy systems for which support has long since ceased. Unpatched systems can become sources of breaches and make sensitive information readily available to hackers. Businesses that rely on these systems out of habit or in an attempt to avoid the hassle of upgrading need to take a step back and assess which needs these legacy tools are addressing and how they’re being used in workflows so that suitable replacements can be found. It may be possible to safely continue using systems for which support is still available, but seeking a fresh solution is still preferable because legacy tools often lack the options required for seamless integration into modern systems with diverse access requirements.
  • Crack Down on Orphaned Accounts - Active user accounts contain all the information related to a user’s identity and his or her movement within a network, including access privileges. When a user is promoted to another position or leaves the company, these accounts should be removed. However, with the increasing burden on IT professionals and the lack of visibility in most business networks, this often doesn’t happen. Improper deprovisioning of users leads to an accumulation of accounts with no associated users. Known as orphaned accounts, these sets of credentials and provisions are easy targets for hackers inside and outside the network. Logging into an orphaned account makes it possible to launch phishing attacks using apparently legitimate email addresses, make unauthorized changes to the system and steal sensitive data. Fifty-five percent of enterprises fail to revoke the permissions for privileged accounts, which creates an even greater security threat due to the higher levels of access allowed by these accounts.
  • Implement of Zero-Trust Security - In most business networks, it is safe to assume no one is trustworthy until proven otherwise. Our “zero trust” model relies on continuous authentication methods in which user behaviors are monitored and risk levels assessed throughout the duration of each session. By taking a dynamic and sophisticated approach, zero trust equips a system to detect aberrant behaviors indicative of a breach. Instead of taking the average 197 days to discover an intrusion into a system, businesses can identify potential threats and launch a proactive response the moment behavioral discrepancies arise. This prevents hackers from gaining free reign once inside a system and can avert the serious consequences associated with extensive breaches. 
  • Find the Best Software Solution - Every business needs an IAM solution tailored to the specialized needs of its industry in general and its onsite systems in particular. Threats, risk levels and compliance regulations differ according to the unique combination of devices, user access requirements and tools needed to integrate applications with incompatible authentication protocols. The retention of legacy systems adds another element of complexity with its own related concerns. Streamlining workflows and optimizing productivity without sacrificing security are top priorities in our IAM platform, along with scalability to accept the introduction of new systems, applications and devices. IT professionals require an administrative dashboard with analytics tools, straightforward reporting and a high level of visibility to ensure all endpoints can be monitored continuously.

Key Benefits:

  • Give users quick and secure access to resources base on need to know basis
  • Secure and simple to remember passwords
  • Control and monitoring of privileged users
  • Strong authentication without restricting productivity
  • Access governance for regulatory compliance
  • Make it easy to gain access to IT resources
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