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What’s stopping you from moving right away to the public cloud?

Posted by Claire Pritchard on 30-May-2018 16:08:00


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 Sound familiar; You run multiple data centers with hundreds of servers hosting diverse workloads. Your data centers contain networking and storage devices accumulated over the years from too many vendors to keep track of, so on top of that, you pay an army of engineers to keep everything in your data centers humming day in and day out.

You know your budget is shrinking month by month, but you want to be able to continue to use all those software licenses you’ve purchased over the years, and although public cloud sounds financially efficient, you want your application and data to continue to be secure and isolated.

Oracle Compute Cloud Service allows you to opt for dedicated capacity, its easily launched and managed but virtual machine operating system (of your choice), accessible network settings, all low-cost and secure. And, if you opt for dedicated capacity, then you’re the only tenant on a site. You enjoy the predictable performance, full control, and complete network isolation in the public cloud.

You can subscribe to Oracle Compute Cloud Service, a secure, reliable, low-cost, standards-based infrastructure service. 

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