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Kenya Airways Uses Oracle Sales Cloud and Customer Data Hub (Video)

Posted by Rob Gale on 23-Jun-2017 11:58:00

Julie Mandu, Customer Care Manager of Kenya Airways, discusses the benefits of using Oracle Sales, Service, Marketing Cloud, and Customer Data Hub.

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How Kenya Airways Drives Revenue with Oracle Cloud (Video)

Posted by Rob Gale on 16-Jun-2017 11:44:23

Kenya Airways is a leading airline in Africa. Learn how they are using Oracle Customer Experience Cloud to run more engaging campaigns, improve service efficiency and sales effectiveness.

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5 Ways Predictive Analytics can Help You

Posted by Rob Gale on 24-May-2017 14:48:10

You've probably heard about predictive analytics and how it can be a huge game changer, but what is it really? Watch this series of 5 short videos to see the many faces of predictive analytics and learn how it can help.

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Experience the Market Leading Security Analytics Platform (Free Trial)

Posted by Rob Gale on 24-May-2017 10:24:22

You can now see for yourself how QRadar, the market leading platform, helps protect organisations from cybersecurity attacks using advanced security analytics. In addition, you can extend the value of the platform with applications to add capabilities such as cognitive security and user behavior analytics.

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Webinar - IBM Incident Response Go-To-Market

Posted by Rob Gale on 23-May-2017 12:20:54

Today, security teams need to understand the best ways to zero in on attacks - all while responding to these incidents in record time.

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