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30 Day Free Trial of QRadar on IBM Cloud

Posted by Rob Gale on 24-May-2017 10:24:22


You can now see for yourself how QRadar, the market leading platform, helps protect organisations from cybersecurity attacks using advanced security analytics. In addition, you can extend the value of the platform with applications to add capabilities such as cognitive security and user behavior analytics.


Interdist Alliances would like to bring to you IBM's offer of a 30 day trial on the IBM Cloud. This will give you the opportunity to experience the QRadar environment for FREE. 

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30 Day Free Trial of QRadar on Cloud

QRadar Security Analytics Platform

During the trial, you'll gain access to a simulated environment on the IBM Cloud. Using our web-based interface, you can:

  • Investigate highly correlated incidents or offenses
  • Understand underlying activities that trigger alerts
  • See how an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) looks against a network

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